Chapter 14 Vocab!

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Sections 1 and 3:

Chapter 14 Vocab

Done by Madi Schultz(:

Section 2:

Chapter 14 Vocab Section 2

Done by Robert Sulmonte


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Genetic Engineering

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By: Robert Sulmonte and Elizabeth Santiago

Since Genetic Engineering is the use or maniputation of genes in DNA, Scientists have the traditional way of doing things, and it is said in the first article below that they want to get rid of the “copy and paste” method. This method is like taking the genes of 2 different organisms and combining them. They want to create new genes entirely, and they would do this by taking specific genes from a huge variety of organisms and re-creating another or even from making another one from scratch which they would do by “lacing the DNA” into a set of instructions, which is an advancement in the “scientific era”. In fact human cloning is a type of genetic engineering, but they must use the proper tools, in which they would need a host, vector (which is the tool that is a vehicle used to transfer the DNA), desired DNA, and enzyme.  Yet however, there are defects, if the genetic code was mis-coded there can be serious consequences, such as unwanted mutations in DNA and more probability of viruses.

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DNA Technology

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Written by: Madi and Sam(:

DNA Technology was discovered at least fifteen years ago, and since then, it has been used for several medical and forensic reasons.  A young girl who was murdered eighteen years ago will now have her DNA information entered into the nationwide database that didn’t come about until after she was killed. The recorded, and now organized, information can now help solve the murder case. Genetic engineering came along to change DNA to create new substances and functions. A new software called DNAboost is now allowing scientists to diagnosticate previously unidentifiable DNA.

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Humane Genome Project

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Written by: Arianna Pursel

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The Human Genome Project was a project to map out all of the genes in a human, or the human genome that was completed in 2003. Although the Human Genome Project can give us many advances in science some possible problems have become known. Such problems as gene discrimination, mental shock and Gene Rich were featured in GATTACA and can cause major effects in the future that we may not see now. These effects can cause major unbalances and the scientists researching the Human Genome Project may not even realize the problems with the project and society until it’s too late. The effect can not only cost us money and human lives but could potentially create two separate human races.

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Vocabulary for Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Chapter 11 Vocabulary Section 2

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It’s Ok….You Can Trust Us. We’re Doctors. :)

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Madison Schultz!!!!

Samantha Scott!!!!

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