Madi- Yeah, I’m only a doctor, the rest of them told me I’m not good enough to be a surgeon. I guess this is better than my previous nursing status. I never went to med school, I’m still in high school. BUT OH WELL…. o.O Hahah, I love these other kiddos though, so it’s okay! You should like our blog, because it’s cuh-ute. Kthanks!

Sam- Yeah, I’m a surgeon. I like to copy Madi a lot, but that’s okay. She’s funny(: I’M CRAZY……….. :/ I got demoted from being a brain surgeon……….. I guess because my brain is slow, I can’t fix anybody else’s brain……….. BUT that’s okay! Oh, and I love Madi.(;

Robert- This isn’t Robert. It’s Madi and Sam, but we’ll speak his mind. “I was a patient, I had diabetes. You know, like the guy on the Liberty commercials. But my doctors SAVED ME. So I’m cured, and they promoted me to a nurse. I wish I could have worn those cute little white dresses that nurses do, but then they promoted me AGAIN to a doctor. I’m special(: And they like to call me RobBobMan. Get used to it.”

Liz- Ahh, Liz-a-beth. She’s crazy too, which is why we speak her mind, we have to keep it PG(; ‘HI! I’m a surgeon, and I’m a BEAST. I like to make fun of my colleagues, but that’s how I roll. (: I guess I’m the leader of this group, since Madi failed us during a review game, like the coach of the Colts. LAME. BYE”

Arianna- It’s Madi and Sam again. But Arianna just kinda jumped on the wagon, that was still moving, and joined us. She’ll probably jump, or be pushed, off when she sees how crazy we are. She’s only a patient, but maybe she’ll be promoted(:


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