Final Project

June 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Habitat Fragmentation 1 point

Habitat Destruction 2 points

Female Pine Cone 2 points

Invasive Species- 1 Point

Renewable Resource 1 Point

Natural Protien 2 points

Drupe 1 point

Ascomycote 2 points

territorial behavior in animals 2 credits

Population 2 Points

a reptile 1 credit

Mimicry 1 point

Autotroph- 1 point

Spirillum- 2 Points

Coccus- 2 Points

Parasite and Host 2 points

an organism with bilateral symmetry 1 credit
primary consumer 1 credit

herbivore 1 credit

tiertiary consumer 1 credit

Fern- 1 Point

Insect- 1 Point

Gravitropism- 2 Points

Gymnosperm- 1 Point


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